Discover Unexplored Destinations

Calling all thrill-seekers! Explore the remote sides of Catalina and the Channel Islands of Southern California on our defender class boats. With their high speeds and ability to maneuver, the defender boats are ideal for exploration through some of the most scenic coves, marine life, and historic landmarks in the United States.

Certification Means Something

LA Powerboat Academy is one of the few companies providing powerboat certification on the West Coast. The truth is, powerboating has little regulation, so if you want to learn, there’s no shortage of “guys that have driven a boat” that fancy themselves as instructors. And some of them are probably good, too. But if you want a certified instructor that uses the National validated skill-based standards for powerboats, you want LA Powerboat Academy teaching you (especially if you want National Certification yourself). There is simply no substitute for proven experience with US Powerboating, and that means being a true National Certified Powerboat Instructor.